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The Most Profitable and Simplest Affiliate Scheme

Nothing shows appreciation for hard work more than cash! We are proud to be the first online proofreading company to show such appreciation by offering a cashback affiliate scheme. 

If you are an enthusiastic individual or part of an expanding company or if you just happen to know lots of students and want to earn a few (or many) extra dollars, then sign up as an affiliate today. We look forward to working with you!

The Process

  • Sign Up/Log In

    You must sign up for a free Proofread My Paper user account first.
  • Affiliate Registration

    Once signed up and logged in, you can register as an affiliate through the affiliate scheme link in your user area.
  • Select a Code

    During registration, you will need to choose a unique referral code. This can then be used to advertise or share.
  • Share the Code

    The customers you refer then enter this code when they register with the site (and to encourage this, we offer 10% off their first document).
  • Earn Money

    For EVERY document that any customer you refer pays for, you will receive 10% cash back. This will be sent directly to your PayPal account when you request a payout.

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Free Sample

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Have any questions?

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Guaranteed Secure Payment
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