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If you hold a postgraduate degree and have a gift for proofreading, you might have exactly what we're looking for in our proofreaders.

We welcome applicants who are native English speakers, meticulous, and dedicated to perfecting the written word. If these sound like attributes you have, you should consider working freelance at Proofreading International. As a progressive company that is always growing, we regularly hire new capable proofreaders and specialists from a variety of relevant proofreading backgrounds and subjects. If you are hard-working and talented with words, you may want to consider joining our expert team of professional proofreaders.

Proofreading International cares about the well-being of its freelancers and strives to create an opportunity that is both flexible and lucrative, making for an ideal work-life balance. We are focused on creating the best working relationships possible and communicating well with our team. We are happy to receive feedback to improve our system, training materials and resources, and to address any other relevant issues. Having happy proofreaders is important to us.

If you think that you fit all these criteria and like the sound of our philosophy, please email a single-page resume and brief cover letter to


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