Online Proofreading Services that Add Value to Your Academic Documents

At ProofreadMyPaper you will receive a professional proofreading service, which brings out the true potential of your work, available for all academic disciplines, businesses, and professionals.

We have a professional team of proofreaders working 24/7, improving your written English and ensuring your work is clear and succinct. If you choose to use our online editing service, your work will be allocated accordingly to one of our expert proofreaders, who will be familiar with your subject area. This ensures that the proofreader will understand any field-specific jargon and will be able to focus on perfecting your work.

Just read the summary below for a brief outline of our key online editing services, such as proofreading, and formatting.

Native Student Proofreading

Every year, ProofreadMyPaper successfully proofreads, formats, and improves thousands of documents! Our expert team has a wealth of experience in all subject fields, study levels, and referencing styles.

There is no need to worry with us, as we understand the demands of academia and the needs of a student. This is why we guarantee a standard 24-hour return time on all documents under 10,000 words, so you can keep cool about those fast-approaching deadlines!

International and ESL
Student Proofreading

Even though ESL and international students often have an excellent understanding and thorough knowledge of their subject area, they may sometimes have difficulty presenting their ideas and concepts in perfect written English.

ProofreadMyPaper can help! The majority of the documents we proofread are from international and ESL customers, so our band of professional proofreaders are extremely experienced with the language difficulties that international students encounter. If you are an international or ESL student, you no longer need to fret about the language barrier – why not upload a free sample and see for yourself?

Dyslexic Student Proofreading

We can also help you if you are a dyslexic student. You may face many challenges when you try to present your ideas on paper, often muddling certain letters and words. We understand how frustrating this must be, so we take care to ensure that your document is given the attention it needs for its meaning to be expressed and have much experience with proofreading dyslexic students' work.

Simply check that you tick ‘yes’ in the dyslexic box during sign up, so that we can focus on certain areas.


We understand that formatting can be stressful and difficult, and can be the last thing you want to be doing after spending a lot of time actually writing a thesis or dissertation. Yet, it is an important part of the writing process and poor formatting can cost you up to 10% of your overall grades. This is why ProofreadMyPaper is the only proofreading company that offers a full formatting service, as part of its online editing service, so you no longer have to fret over margins, fonts, and those tricky contents tables. This service has been proven to be most helpful to our Master's and PhD customers. You can use this service either alongside proofreading, or, if you are happy with the level of written English you have used, you can purchase the formatting service on its own.

This service covers all the formatting specifications outlined by universities, and includes creating a cover page, inserting a dynamic table of contents, list of charts, figures and tables, compiling a list of abbreviations, page numbering, inserting headers, footers, checking your margins, and ensuring all the text and layout is consistent throughout the document. These final touches gives any academic document a completed look, which helps bring out the authority of your ideas.

Express Service

ProofreadMyPaper already has incredible return times that are great value for money, but sometimes our customers need their work back even faster. For this reason, we have a super-fast Express Service. Since its inception, our Express Service has become hugely popular with those that require lightning-fast return times whilst still maintaining excellent proofreading standards. With our Express Service, we can guarantee that any work under 10,000 words will be returned to you in only 12 hours!

To take advantage of this excellent offer, all you have to do is add ‘Express Service’ when you are at the checkout. You will then be informed of exactly what time you can expect your work to be completed by and can relax knowing that your work is not only in good hands, but you’ll have it back before you know it! Find out more about Express Service prices and turnaround times.

Document Types

We at ProofreadMyPaper have an incredibly diverse range of proofreaders who are available to work on a variety of academic documents for students. Our remarkable flexibility means that we can proofread nearly anything, and can improve papers, essays, dissertations, theses, coursework, journal articles, PhDs, and assignments - we even proofread LaTex documents. If you have a document and you are unsure if we can help, just get in touch, as we nearly always can!

Non-academic Proofreading

With a wealth of experience with proofreading non-academic text, ProofreadMyPaper can also be a great help to those that require improvements with their documents, even if they are not related to education. Although students are our primary customers, we have also professionally proofread countless novels, résumés, business documents, personal statements, articles, and reports. We have excellent working relationships with companies globally and will happily help anyone who requires improvements with their written English.

Our expert team of proofreaders may be exactly what you need, whether it is for a book that needs perfecting before it goes to press, or a résumé that needs checking prior to a job application, or even a business document that needs a professional finish. Whatever document you have, you can relax knowing that ProofreadMyPaper will bring out its true potential.

Free Sample

At ProofreadMyPaper we believe in the quality of our service and are proud of the work that we do. We have so much faith that you will love the improvements we make to your work, that we offer all of our customers a 500 word free sample. You do not have to simply believe our testimonials, experience, or unbelievable value for money, you can witness it yourself first-hand. So why not give us a try? You have absolutely nothing to lose and all you have to do is upload a 500 word document to find out if we can help you as much as we have helped thousands of other customers.