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We Are Experts in Helping Dyslexic Students

Dyslexia is a condition that persists for a lifetime, but it is not an illness. Students who have this disorder have difficulty writing as well as reading. In most cases, dyslexic students are bright and intelligent, but writing may not be so easy for them.

We believe that students must be judged on the originality of their concepts and their academic understanding of the subject, not solely on their writing skills. We are aware of the difficulty that dyslexic students may face when writing any academic document.

Considering these aspects of dyslexia, we at Proofread My Paper offer high-quality proofreading services to help students with the disorder convey their thoughts and build confidence in their studies.

Who Can Benefit?

All dyslexic students having trouble with reading, writing, and summarizing documents at the expected level can use our proofreading and editing services to perfect their academic documents and achieve higher grades.

Why Us?

We have a professional team of proofreaders who have helped countless dyslexic students. All our proofreaders are experts with at least a master’s degree.

We can assign your work to specific proofreaders who are experienced in handling dyslexic students’ documents. They are well versed in identifying the common mistakes in documents and improving the overall flow of the text.

Relax! We can help you to achieve high grades through our high-quality proofreading services for dyslexic students! Get in touch today at


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