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English as a Second Language is No More a Barrier

Many ESL students often encounter difficulties with the English language. Understanding this, we offer high quality ESL proofreading services to students who have learned English as a Second Language. The majority of documents that come to us for proofreading are from these students. 

We understand the challenges that ESL students face when writing in a second language; we have expert proofreaders to handle the task of fine-tuning ESL documents professionally.

In spite of having thorough knowledge and understanding, ESL students often struggle to put their thoughts on paper due to a lack of confidence in the English language. The essence of the thought often gets lost in translation. We can help to ensure that your thoughts are presented properly to your readers.

Who Can Benefit?

Students attempting to acquire any academic degree, or on any course that requires a huge volume of documents to be written, can benefit from our proofreading services.

Why Us?

We believe that the basic value of a student’s work lies in the intellectual concepts, level of understanding, and overall academic effort underpinning their work, not in their grammatical understanding of the English language. Using our proofreading services can help you to concentrate on your ideas rather than juggling with grammar.

We have a dedicated team of expert proofreaders with years of experience in different subject matters. We also offer an express proofreading service, which can help you get the documents back within 12 hours, if 24 hours is just not fast enough. Moreover, our pricing is highly competitive, at $30 per 1000 words.  

So, no need to worry if English is your second language! We can help you to achieve better grades with our high quality proofreading services! Get in touch today at

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